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CHWs will uncover many problems that need prompt attention. These could be new symptoms or abnormal findings, such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or a new foot cut.

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CHWs should contact the nurse when a client has a new symptom or abnormal finding.


CHWs may uncover any of the following problems which require an appointment with the nurse. These Include:

● Blood pressure more than 160/100 after 3 measurements

● Blood sugar LESS than 4.0 or MORE than 20.0

● New foot problems such as: an ulcer, a cut, redness, or numbness and tingling

● The client is not taking their medications as prescribed

The CHW Diabetes Clinical Assessment Log Sheet has specific areas which flag these situations. When these arise, please do the following:

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1. Phone or see the nurse to inform him/her of your concern.

“Good afternoon Nurse. This is [insert your name] speaking, the CHW. I am concerned about [insert client’s name]’s blood pressure. Do you think that they need to be seen today?”

2. Ask the nurse what he/she wants done. Record instructions on CHW visit log sheet.

3. Make sure the nurse reviews the CHW log form.

4. If nurse requests that the client be seen by nurse or doctor, call client & arrange time and date.

5. Ensure that the client makes it to their appointment.

(After determining when the client will be seen with the nurse) “Thank you very much. I will make sure that the client attends their appointment and fill out the referral form for the chart.”

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Download or use this online CHW sample form to practice the contents of this module.

Please note that these training modules are to be used for the purposes of CHW training in diabetes management. CHWConnect does not provide medical advice or specific diagnostic or treatment information.